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Oral Medicine and Radiology
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Conservative Dentistry
Pathology and Microbiology
Public Health Dentistry
Maxillofacial Pathology
Dr. Prabhakar B. Kore
M.P. (Rajya Sabha)
Chancellor, KLE University, Belgaum
Chairman, K.L.E.Society, Belgaum

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry pertaining to the replacement of missing teeth and surrounding structures by artificial substitutes called dentures. It may involve the replacement of all or few missing teeth. These dentures may be either removable by the patient or fixed.

The subject also deals with placement of implants into the bone to provide support for the artificial teeth and of missing or deficient surrounding parts like palate, cheeks, nose, eyes, ears etc by artificial substitutes.

  Vision, Mission & Objectives of the Department  

To provide an effective educational and assessment strategies for students by intergrated teaching and learning programmes so as to prepare them for a career in teaching, research and ethical practice to ensure a good oral health care for community at large.

To expand the scope of academic programmes to make students globally competent and remain committed to provide prosthetic treatment to meet the needs of mankind.

  • To eliminate oral disease to the greatest extent possible
  • To preserve the health and relationship of the teeth and the health of oral and para oral structures
  • To create an oral environment that is  conducive to the maintenance of optimum oral health
  • Psychologically improving the personality of the patient as a whole
  • Training programme to students to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical and clinical laboratory, attitude, communicative skills and ability to research with understanding of social, cultural, educational and environmental background of the society.
  • To have acquired adequate knowledge and understanding of basicand applied medical science, knowledge in general and particularly of head and neck.
  • The postgraduates should be able to treat patients with competence and working knowledge that are beyond the treatment skills of the general practioners ; to demonstrate evaluative and judgment skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention, treatment, after care and referral to deliver comprehensive care to patients.
   Staff Profile   
Name Designation Qualification Total experience (as on 28/02/2015) Photo
Dr. Srivatsa G Prof and Principal MDS 17 yrs 2 months
22 days
Dr. Rohit M Shetty  Prof and Head MDS 14 yrs 2 months
10 days
Dr. Supriya Manvi Prof MDS 13 yrs 3 months
24 days
Dr. Rajeswari C.L. Prof MDS 12 yrs 2 months
25 days
Dr. Yamini Nandini Reader MDS 5yrs 9 months
27 days
Dr. Chandrakala V. Reader MDS 5 yrs 4months
10 days
Dr. Deepmala S. Senior lecturer MDS 4 yrs 4 months
9 days
Dr. Sudhakar A. Senior lecturer MDS 1 yr 1 months
12 days
Dr. Rajshekar Soddy Tutor BDS 2 yrs 2months
Dr. Divya Kulkarni Tutor BDS 1 yr 2 months
   Completed /ongoing research activities   
A number of research projects have been undertaken, are ongoing and completed by both post graduate students and faculty in the department of Prosthodontics. Eleven research projects have been completed and twelve are in progress since 2010
  • Prosthodontic debate to be conducted along with Bangalore Prosthodontic Forum -July 2015
  • Quiz program on prosthodontics for IV yr students - April 2015
  • Free denture camp once in 2 months in Kalkunte village
  • Free denture camp in old age homes
  • Free maxillofacial prosthesis for cancer treated patients
  • Free complete dentures for BPL card holders above the age of
A text book and 66 articles have been published in various national and international journals and 5 articles have been sent for publication by both staff and post graduate students of the department.
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